Statement of Faith

1The Bible is God’s divinely inspired revelation to man…infallible and authoritative. These Holy Scriptures are not to be added to, nor subtracted from, by anyone.

2There is only one true God, revealed to us in the Old and New Testaments as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3The only terms of salvation that we may proclaim are these expressed in the New Testament: faith, repentance, confession of faith in Jesus Christ, and baptism by immersion in water for the remission of sins and for the promised presence of the Holy Spirit.

4The basis of unity of all believers is a commitment to the authority of the Old and New Testaments.

5The unity of all followers of Christ can be realized on the basis of a return to the primitive pattern for Church doctrine in practice, in polity, and in life as seen in the New Testament.

6The basis of the Restoration Plea and the basis of the union of Christendom are found in the New Testament.

7We believe it is ill advised to contribute to division and disunity by aligning ourselves, on the basis of opinion, with any party or sect. Rather, in the spirit of the first century Church and many early Christian reformers, we choose to be non-sectarian.

8It is required that faculty members adhere to these teachings and principles. Each student is expected to strive to attain the goals of Christian character and conduct which are implied in these teachings.


Title Name
President Jason R. Horn
Vice President Lucian Pickering
Academic Dean Jim Bowyer
Registrar Michelle Kelley
Secretary Heather Horn
Treasurer Ava Adams

Board of Directors

Jason R. Horn
Lucian Pickering (Chairman of the Board)
Jim Bowyer
Michelle Kelley
Heather Horn (Secretary)
Ava Adams
Ray Adams

Class Locations

The main campus and offices of CIBS are located at Lyndon Christian Church on LaGrange Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Utilizing Christian churches to hold classes is one of the many ways in which we are able to offer affordable classes and gives us flexibility in having classes in different areas to accommodate a student’s driving distance for an education. Ask us how you can hold classes at your church!